Aines Fernandez Azanza

Based in San Sebastian, in the Basque countries, Aines brought onto her jewels all the strenght and pragmatism of her people, as well as the creativity and simple extravaganza. Shapes - handcut, ça va sans dire - and materials so seamlessly and uniquely combined and details so curated, are Aines' signature. P.S. her jewelry is also amazingly lightweight!!

32 products
  • Ovales |Necklace|
    Ovales |Necklace|
    €180.00 EUR
  • Gamb |Necklace|
    Gamb |Necklace|
    €190.00 EUR
  • Geo |Necklace|
    Geo |Necklace|
    €230.00 EUR
  • Doblar |Necklace|
    Doblar |Necklace|
    €180.00 EUR
  • PAC-MAN |Necklace|
    PAC-MAN |Necklace|
    €220.00 EUR
  • Fuegos |Earrings|
    Fuegos |Earrings|
    €170.00 EUR
  • Ovales Segundo |Earrings|
    Ovales Segundo |Earrings|
    €380.00 EUR
  • Elio |Earrings|
    Elio |Earrings|
    €420.00 EUR
  • Luciérnagas |Earrings|
    Luciérnagas |Earrings|
    €135.00 EUR
  • Doblar |Earrings|
    Doblar |Earrings|
    €170.00 EUR
  • Geo No3 |Earrings|
    Geo No3 |Earrings|
    €150.00 EUR
  • Nubes |Earrings|
    Nubes |Earrings|
    €150.00 EUR
  • Ovales |Earrings|
    Ovales |Earrings|
    €150.00 EUR
  • Tercer Verano |Earrings|
    Tercer Verano |Earrings|
    €495.00 EUR
  • Zoidberg |Earrings|
    Zoidberg |Earrings|
    €150.00 EUR
  • Dobles |Earrings|
    Dobles |Earrings|
    €140.00 EUR
  • Geo NO2 |Earrings|
    Geo NO2 |Earrings|
    €150.00 EUR
  • Geo |Earrings|
    Geo |Earrings|
    €150.00 EUR
  • Cuadrar |Earrings|
    Cuadrar |Earrings|
    €150.00 EUR
  • The Compass |Earrings|
    The Compass |Earrings|
    €100.00 EUR

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