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  • Flamenco Flower NO.2 |Bracelet|
    Flamenco Flower NO.2 |Bracelet|
    Theodora Daraklitsa
    €350.00 EUR
  • Grande Grass Aperto |Bracelet|
    Grande Grass Aperto |Bracelet|
    Monica Ungarelli
    €210.00 EUR
  • Grande Grass |Bracelet|
    Grande Grass |Bracelet|
    Monica Ungarelli
    €300.00 EUR
  • The Shadow of Peaches Tree |Bracelet|
    The Shadow of Peaches Tree |Bracelet|
    Monica Ungarelli
    €380.00 EUR
  • Horus |Bracelet|
    Horus |Bracelet|
    Elisabetta Magnani
    €260.00 EUR
  • Armillo gold |Bracelet|
    Armillo gold |Bracelet|
    Liana Scarano
    €410.00 EUR
  • Armillo black |Bracelet|
    Armillo black |Bracelet|
    Liana Scarano
    €410.00 EUR
  • Stropicciale |Bracelet|
    Stropicciale |Bracelet|
    Liana Scarano
    €510.00 EUR
  • Armillo rosé |Bracelet|
    Armillo rosé |Bracelet|
    Liana Scarano
    €410.00 EUR
  • Grass Aperto |bracelet|
    Grass Aperto |bracelet|
    Monica Ungarelli
    €180.00 EUR
  • Grass |Bracelet|
    Grass |Bracelet|
    Monica Ungarelli
    €300.00 EUR
  • Edra gold |bracelet|
    Edra gold |bracelet|
    Yoko Takirai
    €495.00 EUR
  • Edra |bracelet|
    Edra |bracelet|
    Yoko Takirai
    €420.00 EUR
  • Big Bark - Unique Piece |Bracelet|
    Big Bark - Unique Piece |Bracelet|
    Paula Castro
    €600.00 EUR
  • Oculus |Bracelet|
    Oculus |Bracelet|
    Elisabetta Magnani
    €375.00 EUR
  • Octopus |Bracelet|
    Octopus |Bracelet|
    Laura Volpi
    €520.00 EUR
  • Poligono |Bracelet|
    Poligono |Bracelet|
    Miriam Nori
    €320.00 EUR
  • Douli |Bracelet|
    Douli |Bracelet|
    Miriam Nori
    €220.00 EUR
  • Cornetto |Bracelet|
    Cornetto |Bracelet|
    Miriam Nori
    €390.00 EUR
  • Crumpled |Bracelet|
    Crumpled |Bracelet|
    Miriam Nori
    €420.00 EUR

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