Elisabetta Magnani

39 products
  • Horus |Bracelet|
    Horus |Bracelet|
    $287.00 USD
  • Chinese Boxes |Earrings|
    Chinese Boxes |Earrings|
    $133.00 USD
  • The Pensieve |Earrings|
    The Pensieve |Earrings|
    $188.00 USD
  • The Introvert |Earrings|
    The Introvert |Earrings|
    $188.00 USD
  • Eyes Wide Open |Ring|
    Eyes Wide Open |Ring|
    $298.00 USD
  • Cleopatra, the ambassador |Ring|
    Cleopatra, the ambassador |Ring|
    $298.00 USD
  • I used to be the kindest |Ring|
    I used to be the kindest |Ring|
    $298.00 USD
  • Not Drunken |Ring|
    Not Drunken |Ring|
    $298.00 USD
  • Uncannily Witty! |Ring|
    Uncannily Witty! |Ring|
    $232.00 USD
  • One of those days |Ring|
    One of those days |Ring|
    $332.00 USD
  • Before the therapy |Ring|
    Before the therapy |Ring|
    $199.00 USD
  • Kongosoha |Ring|
    Kongosoha |Ring|
    $199.00 USD
  • Ariadne |Ring|
    Ariadne |Ring|
    $199.00 USD
  • That's not the point |Ring|
    That's not the point |Ring|
    $276.00 USD
  • Broaden the horizon |Ring|
    Broaden the horizon |Ring|
    $365.00 USD
  • Emancipated |Ring|
    Emancipated |Ring|
    $321.00 USD
  • The water of march |Ring|
    The water of march |Ring|
    $398.00 USD
  • You never change |Earrings|
    You never change |Earrings|
    $232.00 USD
  • Copernicus |Ring|
    Copernicus |Ring|
    $348.00 USD
  • Time is needed |Ring|
    Time is needed |Ring|
    $298.00 USD

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