Theodora Daraklitsa

Theodora's jewelry is a pleasure for the eye. We must say she has the rare ability of combining two different worlds until they create a complete new one. Volumes, proportions as well as textures, finishings and colors have so much in common with the typical 80s aesthetics; on the other hand we will find fine lines, a clean design and nothing elaborate or intricate, even though sometimes it can appear as if it's intricate..but it's really more of an idea. Wearing her jewels is, in fact, one of the easiest thing you'll ever do

44 products
  • Flamenco Flower NO.2 |Bracelet|
    Flamenco Flower NO.2 |Bracelet|
    €350.00 EUR
  • Comets in Copper |Earrings|
    Comets in Copper |Earrings|
    €130.00 EUR
  • Lysithea in Matte Gold |Earrings|
    Lysithea in Matte Gold |Earrings|
    €270.00 EUR
  • Rho in Matte Gold |Earrings|
    Rho in Matte Gold |Earrings|
    €290.00 EUR
  • Flamenco Flower Mini in Gold |Earrings|
    Flamenco Flower Mini in Gold |Earrings|
    €290.00 EUR
  • Theta in Black |Ring|
    Theta in Black |Ring|
    €350.00 EUR
  • Celestial Path in Blue |Earrings|
    Celestial Path in Blue |Earrings|
    €530.00 EUR
  • Celestial Path |Earrings|
    Celestial Path |Earrings|
    €480.00 EUR
  • Sigma in Gold |Ring|
    Sigma in Gold |Ring|
    €210.00 EUR
  • Sigma in Silver |Ring|
    Sigma in Silver |Ring|
    €210.00 EUR
  • Aesthet |Earrings|
    Aesthet |Earrings|
    €450.00 EUR
  • Medusa |Ring|
    Medusa |Ring|
    €420.00 EUR
  • Cosmos in Gold |Ring|
    Cosmos in Gold |Ring|
    €270.00 EUR
  • Cosmos in Silver and Blue |Ring|
    Cosmos in Silver and Blue |Ring|
    €300.00 EUR
  • Hera |Earrings|
    Hera |Earrings|
    €420.00 EUR
  • Andromeda L |Earrings|
    Andromeda L |Earrings|
    €480.00 EUR
  • Moon Path |Earrings|
    Moon Path |Earrings|
    €390.00 EUR
  • Great Dipper |Earrings|
    Great Dipper |Earrings|
    €420.00 EUR
  • Orion |Earrings|
    Orion |Earrings|
    €300.00 EUR
  • Theta in Silver |Ring|
    Theta in Silver |Ring|
    €350.00 EUR

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