Kalè Polis

This is a special project by Maria Diana and us - and La Sapienza University in Rome. All those tiny porcelain pieces forming these marvelous jewels, represent a portion of the old town of Gallipoli, to which this collection is dedicated to. To whomever has or has left their heart in Gallipoli, to all of you, here is a small piece of our home town


Product type

  • Frammento in Rose |Ring|
    $128.00 USD
  • Frammento in Rose |Earrings|
    $128.00 USD
  • Frammento in Marble White |Earrings|
    $128.00 USD
  • Frammento Bronze L |Earrings|
    $178.00 USD
  • Frammento Bronze M |Earrings|
    $145.00 USD
  • Kalè Polis in Lavagna |Necklace|
    $600.00 USD
  • Frammento in Bronze |Ring|
    $178.00 USD
  • Frammento Bronze S |Earrings|
    $134.00 USD
  • Kalè Polis in Rose |Necklace|
    $600.00 USD
  • Frammento NO. 5 |Ring|
    $117.00 USD