Alessandra Pasini

Alessandra is master in practicing the "less is more" saying. Her small geometrical sculptures are so simple, one could think a child made them. So easy you'll be mesmerized. So genuine, they'll become your daily jewelry

14 products
  • Kuba |Earrings|
    Kuba |Earrings|
    €130.00 EUR
  • Sardine in Blu |earrings|
    Sardine in Blu |earrings|
    €90.00 EUR
  • Stones |earrings|
    Stones |earrings|
    €110.00 EUR
  • Stone Asymmetrical in Black |earrings|
    Stone Asymmetrical in Black |earrings|
    €90.00 EUR
  • Cube 20/138 |Necklace|
    Cube 20/138 |Necklace|
    €180.00 EUR
  • Autumn Leaves |Earrings|
    Autumn Leaves |Earrings|
    On Sale
    €65.00 EUR €130.00 EUR
  • Autumn Leaves |Ring|
    Autumn Leaves |Ring|
    On Sale
    €50.00 EUR €100.00 EUR
  • Tiny Box |Bracelet|
    Tiny Box |Bracelet|
    On Sale
    €40.00 EUR €80.00 EUR
  • Boxed Irregular Circle |Earrings|
    Boxed Irregular Circle |Earrings|
    On Sale
    €40.00 EUR €80.00 EUR
  • The Bar |Ring|
    The Bar |Ring|
    On Sale
    €40.00 EUR €80.00 EUR
  • Big Bar |Ring|
    Big Bar |Ring|
    On Sale
    €45.00 EUR €90.00 EUR
  • Tube |Ring|
    Tube |Ring|
    On Sale
    €43.00 EUR €85.00 EUR
  • Golden Roll |Necklace|
    Golden Roll |Necklace|
    On Sale
    €65.00 EUR €130.00 EUR
  • Two Circle |Ring|
    Two Circle |Ring|
    €120.00 EUR

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