Elisabetta Nevola

13 products
  • Eucalyptus |Necklace|
    Eucalyptus |Necklace|
    €630.00 EUR
  • Flora Piccolo |Ring|
    Flora Piccolo |Ring|
    €150.00 EUR
  • Flora |Ring|
    Flora |Ring|
    €290.00 EUR
  • Flora Seconda |Necklace|
    Flora Seconda |Necklace|
    €320.00 EUR
  • Flora Prima |Necklace|
    Flora Prima |Necklace|
    €380.00 EUR
  • Flora Grappolo in Oro e Nero |Earrings|
    Flora Grappolo in Oro e Nero |Earrings|
    €270.00 EUR
  • Flora Grappolo in Azzurro |Earrings|
    Flora Grappolo in Azzurro |Earrings|
    €250.00 EUR
  • Lily of the Valley |Earrings|
    Lily of the Valley |Earrings|
    €195.00 EUR
  • Flora Grappolo in Rosa |Earrings|
    Flora Grappolo in Rosa |Earrings|
    €390.00 EUR
  • Leggerezza in Blue |Earrings|
    Leggerezza in Blue |Earrings|
    €270.00 EUR
  • Leggerezza |Necklace|
    Leggerezza |Necklace|
    €225.00 EUR
  • Zig-Zag in Lavagna |Necklace|
    Zig-Zag in Lavagna |Necklace|
    €350.00 EUR
  • Zig-Zag in Rosé |Necklace|
    Zig-Zag in Rosé |Necklace|
    €350.00 EUR

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