Creoles / Hoops

Creoles, Hoops, Mini Hoops, Classic Round Earrings or Variations, Big Hoops, Medium Ones, Rosè Golden or White..Happy browsing!
11 products
  • Liberté |Earrings|
    Liberté |Earrings|
    Loveness Lee
    €370.00 EUR
  • Textura Dourada |Earrings|
    Textura Dourada |Earrings|
    Cecilia Ribeiro
    €180.00 EUR
  • UU |earrings|
    UU |earrings|
    Miriam Nori
    €170.00 EUR
  • Ryu |Earrings|
    Ryu |Earrings|
    Yoko Takirai
    €225.00 EUR
  • Pilar |Earrings|
    Pilar |Earrings|
    Cecilia Ribeiro
    €240.00 EUR
  • Ice |Earrings|
    Ice |Earrings|
    Yoko Takirai
    €300.00 EUR
  • Autumn Leaves |Earrings|
    Autumn Leaves |Earrings|
    On Sale
    Alessandra Pasini
    €65.00 EUR €130.00 EUR
  • Twin Moon in Bright Platinum |Earrings|
    Twin Moon in Bright Platinum |Earrings|
    Theodora Daraklitsa
    €195.00 EUR
  • Zeno |Earrings|
    Zeno |Earrings|
    Loveness Lee
    €170.00 EUR
  • Impulso Hoops in Silver |Earrings|
    Impulso Hoops in Silver |Earrings|
    On Sale
    Laura Volpi
    €60.00 EUR €120.00 EUR
  • Impulso Hoops in Bronze |Earrings|
    Impulso Hoops in Bronze |Earrings|
    On Sale
    Laura Volpi
    €50.00 EUR €100.00 EUR

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