Francesca Mazzotta

Born and raised in Salento, Francesca revamped the typical local art of working papiermache giving it a twist and a modern taste. Papiermache is now colorful, playful and, most important, wearable!
16 products
  • Breeze - UNIQUE PIECE |Necklace|
    Breeze - UNIQUE PIECE |Necklace|
    €850.00 EUR
  • Evo Big |Necklace|
    Evo Big |Necklace|
    €230.00 EUR
  • Evo Doppia Sfera in Blue |Ring|
    Evo Doppia Sfera in Blue |Ring|
    €145.00 EUR
  • Evo Doppia Sfera in Ochra |Ring|
    Evo Doppia Sfera in Ochra |Ring|
    €145.00 EUR
  • Evo Lungo |Earrings|
    Evo Lungo |Earrings|
    €175.00 EUR
  • Evo Piccolo |Necklace|
    Evo Piccolo |Necklace|
    €190.00 EUR
  • Frame |Pendant|
    Frame |Pendant|
    €170.00 EUR
  • Frame |Ring|
    Frame |Ring|
    €120.00 EUR
  • Lace |Bracelet|
    Lace |Bracelet|
    €230.00 EUR
  • Morphé Primo in Blue |Ring|
    Morphé Primo in Blue |Ring|
    €160.00 EUR
  • Morphé Primo in Rosso |Ring|
    Morphé Primo in Rosso |Ring|
    €160.00 EUR
  • Morphé Terzo in Watergreen |Ring|
    Morphé Terzo in Watergreen |Ring|
    €145.00 EUR
  • Waft |Earrings|
    Waft |Earrings|
    €155.00 EUR
  • Leaf Rosso |Ring|
    Leaf Rosso |Ring|
    €180.00 EUR
  • Morphé Quarto in Ochre |Ring|
    Morphé Quarto in Ochre |Ring|
    €145.00 EUR
  • Morphé Quarto in Blue |Ring|
    Morphé Quarto in Blue |Ring|
    €145.00 EUR

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