Tegumenti by Ginevra Panzetti

Ginevra' s ability to work with silk has always left us delighted. Her pleated, origami-like, bright and colorful silk jewelry, beautifully paired with the warmth of brass, is at the same time sumptuous and fine, elegant and playful..it's a perfect way in between two worlds. And they are Oh! so lightweight
7 products
  • Ring #7 |Ring|
    Ring #7 |Ring|
    $39.00 USD $78.00 USD
  • Linea 1M |Earrings|
    Linea 1M |Earrings|
    $37.00 USD $72.00 USD
  • Ring #4 in Acid Green |Ring|
    Ring #4 in Acid Green |Ring|
    $26.00 USD $50.00 USD
  • Ring #1 |Ring|
    Ring #1 |Ring|
    $48.00 USD $94.00 USD
  • Scudi #4 in Violet |Earrings|
    $26.00 USD $50.00 USD
  • Frecce #14 |Earrings|
    Frecce #14 |Earrings|
    $37.00 USD $72.00 USD
  • Ring #4 in Red |Ring|
    Ring #4 in Red |Ring|
    $26.00 USD $50.00 USD

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