Roger Figueras Xufrè x Arior

This collective of designers based in Barcelona, carries all the joyful Spanish artistic aesthetic of the XX century. Textures, as well as colors and, mostly, shapes are constant reminders of a glorious and vibrant recent past, that is still more than alive nowadays. The use and mixing and matching of colors have no comparisons, while the black and white collections are a triumph of sculptural shapes. Don't you want to wear them already?

44 products
  • Smile in Violet Degradé |Ring|
    Smile in Violet Degradé |Ring|
    $105.00 USD $210.00 USD
  • Fi |Earrings|
    Fi |Earrings|
    $42.00 USD $83.00 USD
  • Moebius Bicolor |Ring|
    Moebius Bicolor |Ring|
    $92.00 USD $183.00 USD
  • Vegan |Pendant|
    Vegan |Pendant|
    $70.00 USD $138.00 USD
  • Vegan in White |Ring|
    Vegan in White |Ring|
    $65.00 USD $127.00 USD
  • Sky |Ring|
    Sky |Ring|
    $105.00 USD $210.00 USD
  • Small Okaidi In White |Earrings|
    Small Okaidi In White |Earrings|
    $50.00 USD $100.00 USD
  • Vegan in Black |Ring|
    Vegan in Black |Ring|
    $65.00 USD $127.00 USD
  • Fi in Black |Ring|
    Fi in Black |Ring|
    $45.00 USD $89.00 USD
  • Fi in White |Ring|
    Fi in White |Ring|
    $45.00 USD $89.00 USD
  • Equilibri |Ring|
    Equilibri |Ring|
    $105.00 USD $210.00 USD
  • Equilibri |Bracelet|
    Equilibri |Bracelet|
    $287.00 USD $574.00 USD
  • Fulleta in Red |Ring|
    Fulleta in Red |Ring|
    $61.00 USD $122.00 USD
  • Tempo in Light Blue |Ring|
    Tempo in Light Blue |Ring|
    $89.00 USD $177.00 USD
  • Fulleta |Earrings|
    Fulleta |Earrings|
    $61.00 USD $122.00 USD
  • Star in Violet |Pendant|
    Star in Violet |Pendant|
    $70.00 USD $138.00 USD
  • Intenzza in Blue |Ring|
    Intenzza in Blue |Ring|
    $89.00 USD $177.00 USD
  • Iris in Blue |Pendant|
    Iris in Blue |Pendant|
    $67.00 USD $133.00 USD
  • Big Bang |Earrings|
    Big Bang |Earrings|
    $105.00 USD $210.00 USD
  • Oda |Pendant|
    Oda |Pendant|
    $105.00 USD $210.00 USD

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